Wicked Jazz Sounds Clubnight
November 29, 2015

Wicked Jazz Sounds is a weekly Sunday club night where jazz meets dance. DJs and musicians play together on a danceable mix of jazz, hip hop, soul, funk, house, disco, latin, electronica and more. Making you dance with a smile!

November 29: Mr Mendel (dj), Phil Horneman (dj), Gianna Tam (vocals), MC Pryme (MC), Lorijn von Piekartz (guitar), Jeff Hollie (sax)

Since 2002 Wicked Jazz Sounds has step by step grown from a party organization into a musical platform. A family of music lovers; musicians and DJs who do what they love with heart and soul… living with music and making that music. They look to music in the widest way possible. They see jazz as a genre where a lot of other music came from. That is why they also consider funk, soul, hiphop, disco, drum&bass, latin and even house as their musical base. They get their inspiration from the newest dance floor killers and music from the old heroes.