Wicked Jazz Sounds Festival 2015

Amsterdam NDSM (Noorderlicht)

program : Festival

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*In a world where anyone with an ipod calls themselves a DJ and where
anyone who owns a microphone is a rapper, we would like to introduce you to
a DJ and Producer that regards knowledge, skills and diversity to be the
key to do what DJ's are supposed to do: move the crowd.*

*This is the secret of*


Like many DJs, D-Rok started Dj-ing at an young age: buying his first set
of turntables at just 15 years old and rocking his first gig aged 16. This
all occured after he earned his stripes as a talented drummer. D-Rok was
already playing Jazz, Funk, Disco and Soul at 9 years old. These music
styles gave him the first push to enter the world where Funk, Disco and
Soul samples are explored: Hip-Hop.

His ambition to explore all techniques on the turntables and his curiosity
of Hiphop's background brought him to collect, learn and play diverse types
of music: House, Funk, Soul, Broken Beat, Disco; better known as black

Supported by Dutch hiphop pioneers like *DJ Knowhow* (a Hip-Hop icon in The
Netherlands thanks to the first Dutch Radio show *Dutchmasters* and
producer of many national Hip-Hop hits) D-Rok can match the tag “street”,
combined with great knowledge of the history and details of every record.

D-Rok is also known for his mixtures made for '*The New Worck*', a website
where he provided highly downloaded mixtapes where he mixed old samples
together with their present versions.

D-rok does not only serve the audience with the best beats and tunes, he
also gives them an extra boost with his visible enthusiasm. D-Rok is known
for his residencies with (amongst others), the Wicked Jazz Sounds, Zwart
and Lovebirds in Rotterdam. DJ D-Rok is highly involved with the Wicked
Jazz Sounds; a concept where the DJ performs with live musicians playing
from Jazz to House and everything in between. D-Rok is also producing the
next Wicked Jazz Sounds album, the follow up after the first release, The
Biggest Sin and DJ D-Rok just finished producing a remix of DJ Kent's
Falling which will be released together with Black Coffee's version of the
same deep house track on DiverseCity Music.

DJ D-Rok gained international attention while DJ-ing for *Caro
Emerald*(who scored several hits with songs like “A
*Night like This*”), performing on stages and for radio/television all
around Europe; England, Ireland, Italy, France and Poland amongst them,
selling over a million records.

But you also can find him at '*Amsterdam's finest*'; parties and clubs like
the Jimmy Woo, The Melkweg, Paradiso or anywhere else in the Netherlands.

All of this doesn't 'just' make him a DJ: he is an Artist, delivering
quality with his performances and productions.

Only 24 years and even with this combination of talent, knowledge and
skills, D-Rok has been a well kept secret in his country. Please don't
repeat; but we think this soon will change.

*More info: *

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Cedric B


First thing first : Congrats and Huge Thanks to all the WJZ crew, you are unbelievable and unforgettable :)I was hoping to enjoy the Oud en Nieuw with you but I can't see any event with the Wicked colors :((( Any tips appreciated ;)

André de Blouwe


Een paar aanbevelingen die bij mij op de repeat staan:Resolution (Jazz-funk a la Hancock 70er jaren)Kutimangoes (Afro Funk)Jarrod Lawson ( De nieuwe Omar maar dan jazzier en funkier.).Derobert

Susanne Alt


video kingsday noordermarkt 2014!

Jan M. Muijs


L.S., Vanavond CD-presentatie in Paradiso, maar zie nog niets op jullie site staan. Wanneer is die te koop? en gaan jullie weer frequenter CD's uitbrengen? Vol. 1-7 kwamen redelijk snel na elkaar. ben benieuwd. Groet, JAN.



ik won kaartjes voor Kurt Elling 3 juli concertgebouw..... maar ontving ze nog niet. Hoe en wanneer krijg ik de kaartjes? Het was een radio6 prijsvraag.