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About Sense

Sense; Niels Kijf and Daan Nolen, began as VJs in 2003 in a small venue in Amsterdam together with Wickedjazzsounds. There work soon got noticed and in the months that followed they played in different clubs and venues all over the city; Supperclub, Club More, Mercanti, the Melkweg etc. As they grew more fluid in their performance they got the much sought-after residency with "Goede Vrijdag" and "Paleis Soestdijk". From there they developed into one of the most acclaimed VJ acts in 2005 working with Felix the Housecat at Five Days Off and playing with Johan Gielen at his "for you" tour.


the Sense VJ-collective and VJacademy

Apart from veejaying Sense also grew as a cross-media company and veejaying began to take second place. Remembering their roots, Sense came up with the concept of VJacademy; a place for young talented visual artist to grow and practice as a VJ. Over 40 people enlisted in the workshop and battled for one of the four places in the Sense Collective. The Finale was held at Electronation Rex in the Sugar Factory and resulted in four very talented young veejays.
After a couple of weeks of training they were ready to perform live. Again Wickedjazzsounds provided a platform for this new talent.


Soon the talents developed into professionel veejays, tutored and supported by Sense Studios, they form the New Sense VJ Collective:

Vj coOn

coOn aka Coen Brasser started veejaying in the beginning of 2007 with his first gig, after looking for a new challenge besides the fine arts he was studying at that time.
After that all went quite fast, he got trained by a expert VJ crew called Sense, and by the third month already had more then 100 hours of live experience.
His style is abstract with figurative clues to make the crowd wonder, also the use of old unknown film incorporated in his show makes a surreal atmosphere, in with's people feel right at "home".

Vj Ingebritt

Born and raised in the North of The Netherlands. At eighteen this tall girl flew off to Art School to do cool stuff with video. She recently moved to Amsterdam where shes in training at the VjAcademy to becoming a Veejay. At night a Veejay, during daytime working as junior art director, bending her brains over concepts in advertising. This spontaneous dancing queen has a passion for theatre and is somewhat fascinated by cats and frogs. Getting curious? Check out her website at www.ingebritt.nl or visit www.friendsofsense.com!

Vj Candy

VJ Candy a.k.a. Rozemarijn Jonker, graduated in 2006 as an audiovisual designer at the Willem de Kooning Academie and has been working as an independent motion gaphic designer since then. Joined the Sense VJAcademy in april 2007 to combine her love for music and motion visuals and sharing it with others. Delighted to work on club nights as Wicked Jazz Sounds she started to put her own stamp on the Sense VJ set by expanding it wih some soul and old school hip hop-samples expressing her love for the historic roots of the music. Convinced that a good vee-jay-set needs both video samples and motion graphics, she also produced some colorful motion graphics to emphasize the sweet touch she wants to bring to the clubs.

Vj Holzmeister

a.k.a. Martin Holzmeister, Italian-French-Brazilian raised in Rio de Janeiro, where achieve his bachelor in Visual communications.
Living in Holland to construct more experience in this rising new language that mixes graphics, videos, music and space.
He found a good starting point in the VJ environment. Looking ahead to bring new inputs to the VJ performance trough space experiments search as interactive installations and new technology.

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